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Bloodsplatter Instrument Cable 25ft. Straight



An armory awaits its master, and in the midnight mist a shadowy figure emerges. The scene is set, a stage for the damned. He raises an axe and grins as her shrill cries cut through the darkness. Slashing furiously in a crescendo of chaos, amplifying a performance bound by blood, like a cable connecting his soul to those lost in the darkness. Grim, shocking, and macabre, Coffin™ unleashes the quintessential cable for musical massacres. Plug it into your weapon of choice, and may all your nightmares come true...

  • Black high quality outer weave with blood splatters
  • Gold plated 1/4"-1/4" connectors
  • Recessed input jacks reap the benefits of a longer connector
  • Everlasting lifetime guarantee