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The Coffin Tale / About

Created by the sinister vision of the famed Jonny Coffin, Coffin is the one and only maker of hauntingly inspired cases and accessories for guitar, bass and percussion instruments. With frightfully clever shapes and patterns, Coffin cases and accessories are known for their uncanny ability to stand the tests of time, and turn the heads of both the living and undead alike.

Jonny Coffin:  Greetings From Beyond & The History of Coffin

In the beginning, Coffin came to life as an expression of individuality. Jonny’s creations soon took on a life of their own however, and became products that are now recognized worldwide.

Jonny Coffin is a guitar player, designer, silversmith and entrepreneur. While playing and touring with his band many years ago, he visualized a concept for an unusually shaped case that would incorporate his style, while maintaining functionality and durability. He envisioned a case possessing a shape that not only fit the outline of the guitar, but also fit a deeper, darker image. He began to sketch out concepts, and soon concluded that the Coffin shape provided both the outline and the image he desired.

Jonny then set out to bringing the first "concept coffin case" to life. He refined the woodworking skills that had helped support his music career in his early twenties, and his vision slowly began to take shape. After painstaking work, he created a case that was as much a work of art as the guitar he placed inside of it - the first Coffin case was born.

The first Coffin Case received so much attention that Jonny soon realized his creation was an opportunity to build something even larger - the legend and business of Coffin Case Co. As interest in his fine cases continued to grow, Jonny sought the advice and assistance of friends, experts and craftsmen in the fields of woodworking and silver jewelry casting. Under the tutelage of these master artisans, Jonny mastered the art of elegant grand piano high-gloss finishing and 18th century French antique silver jewelry carving and casting. He shared his stunning new cases with a few notable acquaintances, and was hired by several to design and create high-end display cases for the artists to showcase their most prized instruments at home. Many of these original customers are listed as Coffin highest profile endorsees.

In response to the surge in demand for Coffin cases, Jonny acquired domestic and international design patents and trademarks for his coffin shaped cases. He then developed a consumer line of Coffin cases possessing the exceptional style, quality, functionality and affordability of his original vision, which grew into the lifestyle brand that Coffin is today. The Coffin empire now extends into the worlds of music and dark fashion, from clothing, purses and jewelry to skateboards, snowboards and more. Coffin rules the underworld of cool, capturing the imaginations of artists, creatives and the grimmly inclined.

More Coffin facts:

  • In 2012 Jonny Coffin was featured on the cover of the LA Weekly in the Best of LA spotlight issue
  • Over 250,000 Coffin Case products have been sold worldwide
  • Coffin has expanded its marketing and media properties into film, television, broadband and mobile
  • Jonny Coffin has produced and directed several videos for John 5 of Rob Zombie and has a stop motion project currently in the works

Notable Quotes:

“Bury me in this"  ~ Keith Richards

“Why didn’t somebody think of this before?"  ~ Al Pacino

“mi coffin is su coffin”   ~ Elvira

“My Coffin Case is Forever Eternal”  ~ Dave Navarro

“Thanks to Coffin Case all my guitars rest in peace”  ~ Unknown Hinson

“The ultimate case for the man in black”  ~ Johnny Cash

“This guy is like the Ghoulie Vitton of cases”  ~ Lady GaGa

“A case as evil as I am”  ~ Kerry King