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Coffin® Unleashes Agony Series Gig Bags For Guitar & Bass

Posted on March 25 2019

From deep within their subterranean laboratories, Coffin® officially reveals the arrival of the brand’s latest creation - Agony series gig bags for electric guitar and bass. The Agony series delivers convenient lightweight protection for a staggering range of guitars and basses in a dark, sleek profile that will keep your beloved instruments safe on shadowy adventures or obligatory sojourns amongst the light-dwellers.

A durable, element-resistant fabric exterior is emblazoned with signature Coffin diamond stitching, understated and unequaled…  a sign that this is not the same old gig bag you’ve seen a thousand times before. No… this is something different. A silky, crimson, blood-hued interior mirrors the trademark diamond tuck pattern and is backed by ample 20mm padding that will help shield your instruments from the blunt and unexpected. Finished with ergonomically devised backpack straps, you’ll be lithe on the go, as any practiced adept of the dark art should be.

All Agony series gig bags feature a 1 year warranty, with three available sizes (standard electric, standard bass, and extreme) so you can be confident that whatever axe you wield, there’s a Coffin for you.